What are you drinking right now ??


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17 Jun 2019
North Manchester
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I’m sipping on a glass of homemade Jamaican spiced vodka 42%ABV And very nice indeed.
the spices are hibiscus petals, cloves, star anise, fresh ginger, nutmeg & cinnamon and they were marinated in the vodka for a week to impart their flavours.
It’s a rip-off of a Jamaican spiced rum recipe - essentially a like for like copy but with hibiscus petals in place of sorrel (which is what Jamaican’s call hibiscus root), vodka not rum, as I live low-carb, and without any kind of sweetener included because I don’t like sweet stuff.

It’s far nicer than I imagined it would be, actually quite terrific.

My thanks go out to the good people of the Caribbean for helping to make my day a bit more special.
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26 Feb 2009
Baileys and ice, still got a litre and a half to get thru from Christmas. It will probably last until next Christmas, lol.

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