Whats the poshest Hotel you've stayed in

Not the poshest hotel, but the poshest room I ever stayed in was called the Kintyre suite
Walked into a hotel I always stayed at. Rooms were £60, but when arriving late always haggled it down to £40
Rocked up this one time and they only had one room left
Bearing in mind this is 30 odd years ago, the last room was priced at £100. Haggled it down to £60
The girl on reception said the staff referred to it as room 79 as it was the last room in the hotel
Funniest thing was when at the bar ordering a beer, the barman asked what room and as soon as I said 79 he responded "oh the Kintyre suite "
Went to the restaurant and the maitre de looked at me like a piece of shit
She took my order and asked what room? I responded 79 and she nearly jumped out of her skin
Not the poshest but Citizen M in Amstedam was different, everything controlled by an ipad, choice of different colour schemes, bed as wide as the room and a see through shower cubicle and see through toilet cubicle.

A press of a button and a screen crosses the floor to give privacy.


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The Four Seasons.

Though, there was a surprising amount of gardening equipment in our room. It was on the ground floor, though, so we just thought they had nowhere else to store it.
Four Seasons was always my default when working in the far east. Unless I was in Singapore where I preferred the Fullerton Bay.
Used to amuse me that you could get a junior suite in the Fullerton for the same price as a rack rate bog standard room in the Holiday Inn in South Kensington during London fashion week.

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