Whats the poshest Hotel you've stayed in

Not the poshest but Citizen M in Amstedam was different, everything controlled by an ipad, choice of different colour schemes, bed as wide as the room and a see through shower cubicle and see through toilet cubicle.

A press of a button and a screen crosses the floor to give privacy.
Somewhat similar in concept is the Walker Hotel in TriBeCa (NYC). Basically an expanded version of Japanese capsule hotels.

I also stayed at the now Instagram famous Inntel Amsterdam (in Zaandam) right after it opened, which has larger rooms of that configuration.

My favourite modern small room hotel, though, is the CityHub in Copenhagen. ;-)
Intercontinental Paris was good , was actually working there taking some extremely large pumps out of the basement using a block and tackle in the ballroom , one of the lads dropped through about 12 foot and broke his leg , meant I had the twin room to myself for the rest of the job.
Peninsula in Bangkok is very nice too.

I’ve stayed in the intercontinental on Bangkok in the club suites on a stash load of loyalty points and it was absolutely belting especially the club lounge which was really fucking knockout for free drinks and food each evening for a couple of hours in the early evening then it was off to Nana Plaza entertainment complex with the wife to watch the football or some other sport. I’d stayed in Bangkok with work for 10 days a few years before and had to pretend it was the first time I’d set foot in the plaza.
Four Seasons was always my default when working in the far east. Unless I was in Singapore where I preferred the Fullerton Bay.
Used to amuse me that you could get a junior suite in the Fullerton for the same price as a rack rate bog standard room in the Holiday Inn in South Kensington during London fashion week.
I got upgraded to the residential villa both times I stayed at the Four Seasons in Napa. To this day, I am still not quite sure why, as I wasn’t a VIP, was staying there with my missus as a bonus from my company at the time.

Could be that I bear a striking resemblance to Justin Timberlake. Or did, anyway. ;-)
Stayed at the Ritz Paris (company gig, not my choice!).

Very swanky, even the bathroom taps were solid gold fishes!

Pretentious, ornate shite.
Once flew by private jet to a mate’s (one of two jets his family owned) 40th in Dublin about twenty years ago, and stayed at the suite at the Clarence Hotel. Very messy weekend.

On the Sunday, Sadie Frost and Kate Moss were stood at reception complaining that someone (us) was staying in their usual room, which one of their PAs had reserved.

I’ve stayed in posher places, but I did enjoy that.
Not sure if they are considered posh but we stayed in the radison Blue Edinburgh and the one near Piccadilly with a Starbucks attached wasn’t cheap.

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