Which BB speed testers do you trust?

Give it ten days to settle down sounds like the IT version of "the cheque is in the post".

After the 10 days they'll then move onto a variety of other excuses. Eventually when they are saying things like "have you checked that none of the neighbours within a half mile radius keep iguanas? because that can cause problems" you realise that their business model does not actually involve support for 99% of the customers BUT if you are persistent you might be lucky and eventually be put through to someone technically adept.

The other thing the OP can do is find something that should saturate their line like a (legal) torrent and measure that.
I'm still having the same issues (along with micro stutters on Netflix) but I have noticed a peculiar effect when I exported the Speedtest.net results as a csv file.

I've been trialling a free ProtonVPN service which goes via the Netherlands. Obviously I usually disconnect when testing but I do have 20 results out of 135 which were done while going through Amsterdam. All 20 are at >140Mbps (the loss from 150Mbps is expected going through the VPN).

Around 50 are <100Mbps and only 35 >150Mbps out of the remaining 115 results with the VPN disconnected.

I'm at a loss to explain that, any ideas?

Who are the networking experts on here?

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