Wifi At Etihad Stadium

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by dzeko's gecko, 25 Sep 2011.

  1. Eccles Blue

    Eccles Blue

    27 Aug 2009
    Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
    I did read everything that people posted and if you re-read my post you might find that I replied to those postings!! a) was a response to MCFC-Alan88, b) & c) my own observations from the postings which I'm sure is allowed or de niro or Damocles would have barred me!! d) as it says MCFC2112 and e) the hundreds of posts about smoking!!

    But hey if you can't manage for 15 minutes at half time and maybe 10 or 15 minutes before the match you must be another addict to mobile phones!! I never listen to whoever or whatever they have before or at half time. I talk to the people around me, it's a stange concept to some people I realise but I find that discussing what happened in the first half or at away games is quite interesting with real people!!

    Again, just my humble opinion!
  2. MCFC-alan88


    2 Sep 2008
    I get to the stadium an hour and a half before the match (as already stated) a lot earlier than the rest of my neighbours. A little longer than 10 or 15 minutes. And I've already mentioned that I'm not a mobile phone addict and if you've ever arrived that early before the match, it's not so easy to just "not listen".
  3. Dubai Blue

    Dubai Blue

    23 Jul 2007
    If you find it so terrible being there that early without internet access, why do you continue to go that early? Not having a dig, just genuinely curious as to why anyone would head into the ground that early.
  4. seantheduck


    1 Aug 2005
    In a ballon pissing over the swamp!
    i saw a young lad with a laptop once atthe game....probably trying to get a shady stream to wacth the match! the future fan!

    will you be allowed to wifi in the toilets?
  5. quiet_riot


    2 Jun 2006
    Block 221
    Team supported:

    How is this possible??? The PA is so loud, you cannot hear the person next to you!!
  6. fulabeer


    14 Jan 2010
    Why not just shit/piss on the floor where you sit/stand?
    Why people cannot go two hours without a shit/piss is beyond me...

    While we're at it, they should get rid of the food/beer/betting kiosks. Why people cannot go two hours without eating/drinking is beyond me. And do people really need to place a bet?

    While we're at it, they should get rid of the roof. Why people cannot go two hours without getting wet is beyond me.

    While we're at it, they should get rid of the score board. Why people cannot go two hours without knowing the score or time left is beyond me.

    While we're at it, they should get rid of singing/cheering. Why people cannot go two hours without supporting their club is beyond me.

    While we're at it, they should get rid of standing. Why people cannot go two hours without standing up is beyond me.

    While we're at it, they should get rid of giving the away fans abuse. Why people cannot go two hours without giving away fans abuse is beyond me.

    Oh hang on, the OP was just suggesting that in the absence of a decent 3G data connection City could sort out a free wi-fi connection.
    This ISN'T needed to watch a match, just like the above. But it does enhance the time spent at the match for some.
    I use my phone to check the latest scores, and the latest City team/line up news.
    I don't normally use it during the match, but have used it to monitor other match scores on important match days.

    So ok, we get it. Some people don't need "extras" to enjoy the game.

    The same people on here calling those people for daring to look at their phone when a game is on, are probably the same people who spend most of the match throwing abuse at the away fans, and never actually watch the match.
    I'm in 110, and i am constantly asked who just scored!

    I don't use all of the extras all of the time. I can go two hours without any of the above.
    Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I grab a beer, other times I don't. It's a choice thing...
  7. Prestwich_Blue


    26 Jan 2006
    Wherever I lay my hat that's my home
    PMSL. I was going post something along the same lines but couldn't beat that.
  8. 1an3


    24 Aug 2011
    Providing Wifi on that scale would be a technical nightmare.
  9. robertdanmorris


    3 Jul 2008
    any news on this?<br /><br />-- Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:22 pm --<br /><br />any news on this?
  10. Why Always Ste

    Why Always Ste

    15 Oct 2009
    111 South Stand
    As far as I know they've installed some Routers around the stadium???

    Someone posted up a pic on here last week showing these boxes attached to the roof of level one,presumably Wifi Access points.

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