Words we don’t use anymore

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26 Feb 2011
Halfway up a mountain,bumfuck nowhere,Snowdonia.
That’s reminded me of me dad rip. That or “put the wood in the hole” was his other for shutting the door. These fuckers today don’t know their born, wanting to know if they should shave or wax their bollocks well if you grew up with 1 coal fire to heat the whole house which your mum would get going by holding newspaper over it you’d be grateful of all the hair you had.

Our is the only household I regularly hang out with who still calls the remote the “clicker” and the ceiling light the “big light”.
The ' clicker ' from the good old days of utter lazyness. Point and fire......often wondered how they worked, was it the noise that turned telly over or did it just make that noise in the process of said operation...


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28 Oct 2013
To the Finglands Station
'stop romancing' were my Gran's way of telling you to clear off and stop telling fanciful stories or harmless lies.

Now that's really quite learned. Romance was originally the generic term for fictional tales in the Renaissance and Middle Ages, versified. In French the word “roman” still means a novel.
(Some of Shakespeare's later plays, i.e. The Tempest, Winter's Tale, are grouped together as romances).

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1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
T's and G's seem to be banned when many female BBC presenters speak. Makes them sound a bit fick. There's another one. Alfabet reduced to tweny free le'ers.
Indeed, I hate it mate!

It’s rare these days, but I love it when I hear a girl with a proper Manc accent who pronounces her words properly. Think it’s proper sexy on a girl that.

The Mancunian accent isn’t about making “th”s “ff”s, and omitting “g”s and “t”s, that’s just “flippin ffick as fuck”... the Mancunian accent is about over pronouncing vowels, with which you can say every word in the English language properly, but still sound like a strong Manc.

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