Worst (OK and best) band names

Ed banger and the nose bleeds
The nipple erectors
Eddie shit
Larry lurex (although he became famous after a name change)
Best: The Grateful Dead
Album Live/ Dead

Worst: " The cranberry saw us"
Thank God they changed their name.
The worst are the one's named after songs, like Powderfinger and Baby Lemonade etc.

FFS make your own up.

Short catchy names are best imo like INXS, MC5, AC/DC. Yes.
The worst names are ones you have to explain to people. I'll only include bands I like, for now.

Bad//Dreems - 'Yes two forward slashes mate, dreams spelt with two ees,that's the one.

Portugal.The Man - 'yes an actual dot don't type d.o.t.'

The St.pierre Snake Invasion - just too hard to say drunk.

Cleopatrick - always thought was a bit of a shit name.

Biffy Clyro is one that strangely pulls it off imo, abstract enough but not that much that raises too many questions.

'Snash' is imo a brilliant name, that perfectly captures the band.

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