Worst (OK and best) band names

"Toploader" (Dancing In The Moonlight)

I always thought they were named after a washing machine or a VHS video player (or was it Betamax?).
However, my son tells me it's a way of rolling a joint!
Up in the most beautiful country in the world, we call that, front loading and it is a blessing everyone is stoned, as if it were drink they were snaffling, it would be a square go,

Years ago, I sat and watched my pal do it. I waited until it was ready, he was about to spark it and I snatched it and said nice try you ****.

You front loaded that

Naw a didny.,

Well there should be no issue me having it first then should there?

Silence, but a very unpleasant look that made me laugh. ****.:)
Imo, a few of the best...

Ozric Tentacles.
Five Fingered Death Punch.
Soul Asylum.
Lynyrd Skynyrd.

A few (there's far more) of the worst....

Simply Red.
Deep Purple.
Def Leppard.
Are there any names still not been claimed?

How about

The Wazzocks ?

The Bidet Band ?

Shit For Dinner ?

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