Would You Rather...

burning blue soul

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25 Dec 2008
sun, sand, sea....thats right, im at rhyl sun ctr
1. Would you rather ...A) be a steady Manager of a Championship club, .......or B) a member of the back room staff at one of the top teams fighting for major trophies?

2. Would your rather ...A) be a top player at a mid table championship club, ......or B) a perma-benched bit-part squad player at a top team?

3. Would you rather ...A) play to the highest level in a stellar career over a short period (say 5 years, but retire through injury after winning trophies), ...... or B) have a steady 15 year non highlighted but enjoyable career?

4. Would you ... A) pundit for a major TV station with clear narratives that try and make you say things against what you actually think, ........ or B) would you speak your own mind on local radio commentary?

Feel free to add any others you think of...

There are no wrong answers here, btw.

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