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  1. Rahart


    8 Sep 2010
    Not sure if we should write this off or are people just blindly in denial, saying it must be twisted quotes from old interviews. Can't see why someone would go to so much bother to be honest. Surely they'd have something better to do. But, I guess this is City.

    Anyway, normally I've a lot of time for Tevez, he works hard, he's turned himself into a bit of a legend at City, and hell he's even captain now which is one all mighty honour. But every now and then these people just come out with things like this and it drives me crazy. Not getting paid enough, should have higher wages, tired of the game. Get over it for fuck sake.

    But is he tired from his job that doesn't like? How about I have his job and he can have mine. Some of these profesional football players have no idea whatsoever what it's like in the real world.
    They live in their nicely padded luxiourous world and we live in our, much more grounded, shitty pay, 9-5, if you're lucky enough to have a job these days.
    But that's the way it is, they're an elite group of atheltes and we're average joe, and each to their own, if you're good enough, fair play, but don't rub mud in our face.

    He's tired. How about working a crapy job for minimum pay, or out in Afghanistan earning pennies, or barely staying awake in class because you've gone from college to work just so you can get by and afford life in college, or standing in line for the dole despite having a bloody good qualification in you're back pocket.

    It's a shitty economy at the moment, and we all feel it, but they've been protected from it in a nice round shiny bubble, and he's moaning because he's not crazy about the job any more that earns him more money in a week than what most of us will earn in a year.

    "Let me tell you I am not enjoying the life of a footballer."
    I'm not exactly crazy with minumum wage but we all carry our own.

    Even if these are old quotes, the fact he even said them in the first place. Tevez is a brilliant player, a bit of a legend, but these kind of comments drive me crazy, these guys have no idea what the real world is like anymore. No idea. It just shows how much of a different planet they're living on,

    They've no conception of how hard it is for some people to even scrape together money for a bloody ticket to go see them play. But we get on with it.

    This kind of stuff infuriates me.
  2. Citizen of Ottawa

    Citizen of Ottawa

    2 Mar 2009
    Ottawa.. as my name states
    Here here. It's the one point about football that I don't like. Well that and the diving.
  3. Balti


    1 Jun 2007
  4. Ragnarok


    27 Feb 2010
    Its bull shit not horse shit. ;)
  5. phil333


    21 May 2006
    Daont understand how a multi-million pound business would work so hard on training the physical side of their employees but seem to lack any work regarding their emotional and mental attitudes + along with this they seem to not really offer any structure/lifestyle outside training. If you were in your mid twenties in a foerign country away from your family and have grown up in a emotional bubble due to having the ability to have anything you want then no wonder football clubs have trouble.

    Many successful companies send their executive/managment teams to emotional intelligence training companies to work on effective communication/ team work and emotional self understanding. I have worked for a company teaching emotional intelligence to kids who have gone off the rails and to be honest I dont see much difference with footballers who seem on the emotional level like they are not much more developed. A forward thinking club should be expected to develop a employees emotional level so that they are a overall more rounded indivdual and therefore a better employee and team member. City should be looking to instill this in the academy players at an early age, along with new sigings and current players where it seems we have had our fair share of trouble i.e. robinho, tevez, bellamy, elano etc Add along support outside the traing ground for development of an effective productive lifestyle and maybe we would have less footballers mouthing off to the press.

    City may well do alot of things witht the players outside the training ground but it isn't apparent and I think if they are not doing they are setting themselves up for allowing a footballer sitting at home on his own with all the time in the world to begin to alienate himself in his surroundings i.e. hate his current life.

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