Zlatan Ibrahimovic


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17 Jul 2012
This **** thinks he is the Big Billy Bolocks when în reality he is a fucking shit house

Disliked by every type of person.

A bright bloke like Nedum can't stand him

Tyrone Mings gave him what for, which was out of character.

And even disliked by a psychopath like Joseph Barton (I'm not sure where the hard case act went when confronted with a 5 foot 8 bloke treating him like a 5 year old in a playground).

John Daly-greenham

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13 Jul 2020
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Manchester city
Arrogant, lazy, a bully, overrated, never done it against an English club or one of the best players ever to have played the game, the best target man ever, a sheer winner, a leader of men, quite rightly worshipped in Sweden and still world class in his 30's?

i don't get all the hype about him

Hart of the Matter

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23 Jul 2011
Massive big nosed over rated cünt.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 'shot a lion in South Africa after it was kept in an enclosure for a year before importing its skin, skull and jaw to Sweden as a trophy', with AC Milan star, who calls HIMSELF a lion, under fire in his native Sweden​

That story is missing 'former Man United striker'


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29 Apr 2019
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Something about Voodoo that was supposed to do with something in his Everton days. However, from what I've read Lukaku was particularly upset about big nose talking about his mother....!
When Big Rom played for us, Moshiri made some stupid comment about witch doctors because Lukaku is of Congolese descent and apparently that means he's into witch doctors or something.

Also people who kill animals for fun are cunts.

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