Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

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  1. aguerrrroooooooooooo


    16 Feb 2016
    I use personally
  2. Pleatfooted


    25 Aug 2016
    Not really here, or am I
    Your an expert in this field mate :p
  3. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    I still dont underertand mate.Just struggling with the mechanics of the bitcoin division.
    Lets say I top up equipment from whilst masquerading as a football fan in mainland Europe for champs leaugue and it all comes to half a bitcoin @ £1700.If they don't give me change do they at least credit half a bitcoin back to my account or is it actually me at point of pay that sets the payment to 0.5 B.C leaving the remaining 0.5 B.C in still in account ? In essence can I set the decimals to apportion the correct payment amount ? Serious question.

    Not too sure on the good time to buy when somethings tanking advice though.
    Every one out there using cfd or spreadbetting knows that's catching falling knifes or bottom picking.
    I am intriqued with bitcoin though as it appears to be a legitimate way to deal currency through the web keeping your bank details safe from hacking.And we all know how many times our so called data gets misapropriated eh.
    Only recently a Moon Man ran a thread on here about email addies getting harvested.
    I remain safe at all times being the grey man.
    Give information sparingly keep your friends close and your enemas closer.
    I dont even drive Taxis but it's a great cover in this mist laden murkey den of inequity we all habitate called the Twilight World
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  4. super_city_si


    29 Dec 2007
  5. blueonblue


    31 Jan 2009
    There was a TV program on recently, Secrets of silicon valley (BBC 2) episode 1, that will give a good understanding of what and why "Mining data" is being used for and its purpose.

    I found it eye opening just what "They"* can perceive about your views with a very high % of accuracy, so as an example a political party could tailor its campaign message so as to appear to agreed with most of your view on things to the point they can influence election results.
  6. citizenyank76


    16 Feb 2010
    Wish I hadn't spent as much on the vinyl records and had put it into bit coin. Would have made a mint.
  7. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    How can Bitcoin be taken seriously as an online purchasing tool when it's value fluctuates so erratically.
    How can you buy into it for everyday purchases as a "currency of the web" it's original design when it's so volatile.

    Have a look at the graph below and hit the 1 month chart to see it peak at just under 5,000 dollars.
    Now it has broken through the previous low of $4054 on 21st August.
    From a chartist persective is this an indicator to actually short it.

    Taking the trading aspect away is the bitcoin actually fit for purpose ?
  8. goldcoastblue


    1 Sep 2014
    any of our more knowledgeable crypto guys have any thoughts over other coins or will BTC be the vhs to the betamax. from my searches there etherium and ripple. but because i know jackshit, would i be better to gamble on the other 2 or follow the crowd
  9. york away to this!

    york away to this!

    23 Jul 2009
    If anyone would like a freshly made bidcoin, please send me one thousand pounds in cash.

    I shall deliver the bidcoin the very next day in a small presentation pouch.
  10. Scottyboi


    5 May 2008
    Bitcoin has gone up a grand in like 3 days. Ether went up a cool 40 itself. Bitcoin will peak at 9k a coin I reckon.

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