Bundesliga 2017/18

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by cptaidan88, 21 Jun 2017.

  1. cptaidan88


    8 Dec 2008
    Sounds like a great chance to get 4 games in, but City are away at Brighton that weekend. Not sure if that throws a spanner in the works for @Scaring Europe to Death's plans, but it does for me.

    3rd Liga fixtures are out on the DFB website. TV changes to be confirmed.
  2. Scaring Europe to Death

    Scaring Europe to Death

    30 Oct 2014

    That sounds brilliant, but unfortunately I’ve already booked my hotel for Brighton, and I’m also doing a couple of Twenty/20 games at Lords and Hove.

    I’m currently looking at a cheap flight to Nuremberg on Sunday September 17th, and then attending at least 2 games at Ingolstadt, Heidenheim, or Augsburg. I think Koln are home to Frankfurt that midweek, so there's plenty of options.

    Not sure when I’ll return, as that depends on both the Champions League and Europa League draws. Hoping for City v RB Leipzig and Everton v Koln
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  3. PinkFinal


    4 May 2010
    Anyone know which German channel has the 2 Bundesliga highlights rights?

    It looks like they're no longer on Sport1.
  4. PinkFinal


    4 May 2010
    FC St Pauli (I'm sure they have a few fans on here) are on BT Sport tonight, first game of the season.
  5. Alex-MCFC


    8 Aug 2011
    Ingolstadt in spirit - Manchester my abode
    1860 Munich were defeated for the first time in the Regionalliga Bayern (regional 4th division) the other day, in their third game. They lost 1-0 away at TSV Buchbach.
  6. Maldeika


    27 Aug 2011
    Costs for season tickets 17/18

    First column - standing tickets
    Second column - cheapest seats
    Third column - most expansive seats - not main stand - without VIP)

  7. Rhineland


    1 May 2012
    Watched RTLnitro's "100% Bundesliga" show yesterday, on every Monday 22:10 - 00:15 (CET). Unfortunately it's not "no frills like" as Sport1 "Bundesliga pur" used to be, there's highlights, lot's of endless talk and even music, bit weird...
  8. Rhineland


    1 May 2012
    Cup weekend: Just learned today that Koblenz play their DFB-Pokal home match vs Dresden some 430 km away from home, at Zwickau (about 120 km south west of Dresden). Koblenz are rebuilding their stadium, looks no other City around wanted accommodate the Dresden thugs, and police didn't like the idea of having them travel half of the country anyway.
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  9. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    1. Bayern Munich
    2-14. who cares.
    15. Hamburger.
    16-18. who cares.
  10. Bembeltown


    6 Dec 2011
    Waldstadion,Frankfurt, Germany
    Yesterday evening Hansa Rostock had their cup home fixture against Hertha BSC which is already some kind of high risk match because of the old "East" vs "West" rivalry.

    Now the home and away section at Rostocks ground are pretty much next to each other which is a recipe for disaster anyway considering the reputation Hansa fans have.

    Yesterday evening the Hertha fans lit stupid amounts of flares and other fireworks and threw this stuff over the fences on the pitch and into the Rostock terrace.

    Rostock fans retaliated by showing the Hertha fans a huge "Ostkurve Berlin" banner which they stole from Hertha fans a couple years ago. They then proceeded to burn the banner down which caused an exchange of fireworks between the away and home section with several flares/firwork landing "hitting home" in the crowded away/home section.

    Game was interrupted twice because of the chaos on the terraces and this will now once more spark the annoying "security at football matches" discussion.

    Sooner or later I can see us lose the privilige to still have standing terraces at most grounds, because shit like this seems to happen every couple of month and usually after the whole security discussion has calmed down a bit.


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