Champions League Games 11/12/18/19 April

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  1. prestonibbo_mcfc


    16 Apr 2010
    That's because most of them fell to Neymar and he looked to be playing a game of pick a row.
  2. CityFan94


    4 Aug 2011
    After studying the standard of the Juventus vs Barcelona game last night, I really believe we have a good number of players at that level - plus a few who are nowhere near.

    Comparing ourselves to Juventus in particular was interesting;

    Bravo, Sagna and Clichy are nowhere near Buffon, Alves and Sandro. Pep has received some criticism this season, but he has clearly inferior players in certain positions.

    I was so impressed with Bonucci and Chiellini.
    Who have we got that could play at that level? I think a fully fit Kompany could. Stones is still two years away from that level in my opinion, Otamendi & Kolarov just aren't good enough.

    The Juventus centre midfielders weren't anything special, but they were technically good, hard working and tactically very discipline. De Bruyne fits that for me, I don't think Fernandinho has the discipline, Delph and Fernando lack the technical ability and Yaya lacks the work ethic. Another area where we clearly have inferior players to the top sides.

    Dybala as a number 10 was special. Silva and De Bruyne have both played well in that area, but lack the goal threat Dybala does.

    Going forward is where it got very interesting, I think we are absolutely on par. The options of Sane, Sterling, Jesus and Aguero are on the level of the the striking options Juventus went through with, or at least very close. Sane/Jesus/Sterling can score on the counter attack against any team in the world.

    So to compete at that top level we need;
    - Top goalkeeper
    - Two full backs
    - Centre back
    - Holding midfielder

    I thought Pep would have improved those areas more in two transfer windows, but it's absolutely essential that he does in the summer. The quality of players in our defensive area is miles away from the standard required.
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    15 May 2012

    This is just silly lol.

  4. Suspicious? How do you mean mate?
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    27 Aug 2011
    I do not know if it was topic here but Bayern fans in the Bernabeu were beaten bloody by the spanish police without really having provocated anything.

    I quote an article from a Bayern blog

    I think some of you like to be informed about things like this or when clubs have problems with the UEFA...

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