Darren Fletcher

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Bill, 17 Jan 2013.

  1. Drewmanc


    8 Jul 2010
    All the best to him and I hope he over comes it or at least gets it under control, my mum suffers with chrones disease and have seen first hand how debilitating and humiliating the condition can be, he is a human first then a rag.

    Shame on the posters wishing him ill fortune, I hope you never suffer with an equally horrible illness.
  2. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    Occasional idiot
    Surrounded by the dark side of the force
    I'd say that those who made foolish posts would now want to retact those comments.
  3. dawlish dave

    dawlish dave

    9 Dec 2011
    you sir are a wanker/knobhead/tosser and loads more.
  4. Shadz69


    10 Mar 2008
    Sipping the Clonmel Chardonnay.
    A mate of mine lost 5 years of his twenties fighting it.4 major op's,died on the table a couple of times.Absolutely horrific disease.Your mam has my sympathies,on the bright side my pal has never been better the last few years but the fear he has of it returning is nasty.
  5. oakiecokie


    29 Jan 2010
    Its Guinness time any day of the week.
    Think he`s tucked up in bed now.Well past his bed time with school in a few hours.
  6. MCFC2393


    6 Jul 2009
    He might play for scum but he is a professional and gets on with the game and has respect

    Ok he shouldnt reacted angry towards richards in that video when both were fighting for the ball

    The likes of Gary Neville, Roy Keane (The worst), Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo, Rooney and Ferdinand were all arrogant and hot headed with no manners and those players made them more hated then they already are. The reason I think keane was the worse because he ended Haalands career with a thuggish tackle and he admitted he did it on purpose he should have been on trial for assault with intent to injure

    I wish darren fletcher good luck in his recovery
  7. Telford_Blue_Hixxy


    9 Mar 2011
    Trollie Monkey at Morrisons
    Telford, Shropshire
    lost my uncle a few years back to crohn's disease, and wouldnt wish this on anyone, hope he makes a full recovery. And Rag or not, hes a human first.........Wio however
  8. A few of my family members suffer from digestive system disorders ranging from IBS to Colitis and Crohns so I know how much it can mess people up in their day to day lives.

    I didn't think he'd play again tbh so when I saw he'd made a return I was really pleased for him. Sad but not surprising that he's back out again as there's no cure and flare ups can happen anytime. I wish him all the best in his recovery.
  9. Hollywood Blue

    Hollywood Blue

    7 Oct 2007
    Langley - New York - Hollywood
    Regardless of who he plays for, he always came across as a class act.
    I hope this doesn't spell the end of his career.
  10. xzbit04


    20 Feb 2012
    very painful condition from what i've heard, get well soon Darren

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