David Silva not recognised by PFA members - again

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by HarrytheBlue, 14 Apr 2017.

  1. HarrytheBlue


    12 May 2011
    Dear Gordon

    Do you think it’s strange that yet again PFA members have failed to recognise David Silva’s performance for Man City this season ?

    Silva is the goalscoring chance maker supreme with 598 since he joined City in 2010, incorporating 63 direct assists. These stats are unmatched in the Prem during Silva’s almost seven years at City.

    But you have to put things into context by comparing like-with-like. Other world class midfielders in the Prem have outstanding seasons and some noticeable poor ones. It’s obvious who they are. Former players turned radio pundits from the same clubs talk endlessly about them while gradually airbrushing away the season-long losses of form. Silva’s form is more consistent and he’s currently having an outstanding season.

    Gary Neville has described Silva as the Prem’s top player and its Messi. And you can see why when you look at his significantly high pass completion rate – mostly forward, adventurous passes often through small gaps, and by the way he glides past defenders. It’s not just pleasing on the eye, it’s ultra-effective, year-in year-out.

    Some would say there’s a pattern forming here. Sergio Aguero has the best goals per-minute ratio in the history of the Prem, but he’s never been recognised. Joe Hart kept the highest number of clean sheets over a five-year period winning the Golden Gloves a record four times without other recognition. Pablo Zabaleta’s and Vincent Kompany’s colossal performances over many years have never been recognised, and likewise Yaya Toure in his pomp.

    Do you not think that this failure of PFA members to recognise any City player, especially Silva, is odd, churlish and devalues the awards ?

    Yours sincerely
  2. TINY


    6 Jul 2005
    Which midfielders are ahead of him?
  3. Jamoid


    14 Mar 2015
    All it proves is that they prefer kick and rush instead of the sublime footballing skills of a genius when it comes to the beautiful game
  4. aguero93:20


    21 Oct 2013
    Worshipping the great bald one
    The Guardiola Circle Jerk
    Was too long, fixed it for you.
  5. Churchlawtonblue


    3 Dec 2013
    You are a dickhead. There filled the space for you
  6. Danamy


    28 Aug 2005
    On The Giddy Train
    The only thing that I'm amazed at is the fact that you're amazed?
  7. willipp


    13 May 2011
    I'd of been shocked if he was in there. Pogba had more chance than dave
  8. rabby


    7 Jan 2012
    Spot on and the only reason Joe won the GG awards was because it's done on a statistical measurement or they would have passed him over as well.
  9. franksinatra


    25 Nov 2008
    I think other years he has been overlooked but Midfielders In general were overlooked this year. Unless I am looking at a different list even Deli Alli has not been shortlisted.

    I am sure with his trophy count he will not care less what others think.
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  10. Thaksinssoldier


    28 Jun 2009
    It's the wrong year to complain.

    Sergio, David and Yaya have all been screwed out of it.

    Giggs won it over 30 goal Yaya with 12 appearances ffs.

    It's a farce.

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