Monaco - Post Match thread.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by FantasyIreland, 15 Mar 2017.

  1. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    I wasn't there so can't say for sure but from what others have said who were there including my dad it sounds like the fans got right behind the team despite a pretty horrific first half performance not to mention a lot of money was spent in order to get there. To hear that most of the players just walked down the tunnel afterwards without acknowledging the fans is pretty poor form in my opinion.
  2. Dodge


    16 Jun 2008
    Leicester (ex pat Alty)
    There was no lack of support when we tried to rouse the team out of their slumbers as they went off at half time mate.

    It was obvious from the word go that we were second best all over the pitch, and most of us were shocked to witness it, which affects the support, but you're way out of line to slag the supporters who travelled.

    Just my opinion like..
  3. kinkyblue


    8 Mar 2009

    Ridiculous post!

    We sang our hearts out and stood and clapped and cheered the lads at half time to try and get them going!!
  4. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    Yes I agree that it is poor for several players to walk off the pitch without acknowledging the fans. It doesn't change the fact that the lack of vocal support from the start of the game was poor too.
  5. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    There was clapping and cheering as the players walked off at half time. There hadn't been much support in the previous 45 minutes. People have paid for their tickets so they make their own choices. I'm just saying it how it was.
  6. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    I travelled myself mate. As did several friends who all felt our lack of vocal suppirt was poor. It was a very poor performance first half but there was a time when we the fans got behind the team (at aways) regardless.
  7. Danny Hoekman

    Danny Hoekman

    25 Jul 2008
    Fantasy Island
    An open end and quite a distance from the pitch didn't help matters.
  8. Wilmslow Road

    Wilmslow Road

    20 Oct 2010
    And the end could have accommodated far more people which caused fans to spread out.
    This created a kind of emptiness and did not bring us together.
    Also it was serrated by a plastic screen which did not help.
  9. TBooksbluearmy


    14 Jun 2011
    This was a game that we should have and could have won, if only we had bothered to turn up for the 1st half of the game. When we turned up for the 2nd half we were more than a match for them.
  10. aka blue jambo

    aka blue jambo

    2 Nov 2008
    I was in the other end and the singing even in the 1st half was quite loud

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