Most improved player this season

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by cyberblue, 17 Oct 2017.

  1. Franny 1234

    Franny 1234

    25 Mar 2017
    There is a few to be considered
    OTAMENDI gets my vote.
    STONES is runner up.

  2. richards30


    20 May 2009
    stones for me.
  3. citizenyank76


    16 Feb 2010
    Stones, Delph probably the biggest suprise though. I mean, who the hell saw that one coming?
  4. jimmygrimblesboots


    17 Aug 2014
    parallel universe
    Stones , he is showing why the club risked £50m on a player who was "work in progress" similar story with Sterling , if only they were good enough to start for that world class international team England
  5. Callum Ramsey

    Callum Ramsey

    15 Feb 2016
    Some seem to be confusing 'most improved player this season' to playing their best football this season. If its the former, the likes of de bruyne and sterling's names shouldn't be here for what they'd previously done in sterling's case especially last season. There seem to be some revisionist here in regards to sterling last season and forgetting he started it as well as this one and was in discussion for POTS until the last couple of months where his form dropped. The only thing he seems to have improved on this season is his composure and finishing in front of goal as he was always getting in those scoring positions last season but would either miss or take too long on the ball and the chance would be gone. Outside of that, I don't see any major improvement to his game compared to last season.

    Likewise de bruyne has been one of the best midfielders for the last 4 years, was bundesliga POTY in his last season with wolfsburg, was City POTS in his first season at the club helping with a carling cup win and scoring two goals in the champions league quarter finals against psg to reach the semi-finals. Last season his performance levels for the most part was incosistent as he was getting used to a new and demanding role from pep playing as a sort of box-to-box midfielder but his quality has never been in doubt. You could argue he's slightly improved his ball retention, positional discipline and defensive work-rate but everything else was already there.

    The only player who's improved the most this season compared to any other season they've played football is stones and its not even close. Though otamendi seems to have cut down on diving unnecessarily into tackles and general passing this season, he's always been a class defender imo. Stones meanwhile has never had a sustained period of consistently good performances like the three I've mentioned prior have whether for everton or since joining the club. This season almost everything in his game have gone up a few levels and I include his passing in that. Its clear most of the players in the team have had some improvement in their game here and there like aguero's all round game and teamwork but the one who's had the most drastic of all is stones and long may it continue. Pep has done wonders with him as I genuinely didn't think he had it in him to be producing the kind of performances he currently is.
  6. Palmeirense


    17 Sep 2017
    Stones for me. Hands down.
  7. ojeme


    28 Jul 2013
    For me:

    Stones and Sterling.

    I know Sterling had a good season last term but boy the lad is now playing like he's on drugs. There's nobody else I'd rather have on that right hand side of our attack.

    Long may this continue!
  8. 1961_vintage


    20 Sep 2009
    Yes Bravo for me too.
  9. staffsblue


    27 Mar 2013
    Railway clerical dogsbody
    He conceded a goal at West Brom in the cup!
    To be fair though, he actually made a couple of decent saves in that match.
  10. Southern


    9 Aug 2015
    Was about to say Bravo then saw your post

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