No connection with the fans anymore.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by njblue, 15 Jul 2017.

  1. Eccles Blue

    Eccles Blue

    27 Aug 2009
    Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
    We need to get back the supporters evenings, where they had usually 2 players and the manager coming along to talk to supporters. There was time at the end for photos and autographs.

    I remember being at the one where an Eccles Supporter asked Roberto Mancini about the infamous banner at the swamp and the supporters practically raising the roof when RM replied that he would do it and drive the bus over the Mancunian Way to tear it down himself!! (Or words to that effect, he definitely said drive the bus over the Mancunian)

    Bring those evenings back City. Or the signings at the shop, I got Dunnie's signature at one of those and Robinho's. Couldn't do it nowadays as I stood for 3.5 hrs for Robinho and nowadays can only stand for about 15 minutes!!! ;-) Age catches us all.

    Oh and I had my photo taken with Roberto Mancini that evening as well!! Those were the days. One with VK when I presented Joe Hart with a player of the month award, Joe Hart at that one as well. (of course!) The only time I voted for anyone other than VK; he hadn't played that month. How lucky was I?????
  2. Wilmslow Road

    Wilmslow Road

    20 Oct 2010

    QPR away donkeys years ago, there was a market on the main drag.
    About 6 of us walking past and Linford Christie was buying some Strawberries.
    Couldn't have been nicer.
    Suppose it's when you catch people.
  3. better dead than red

    better dead than red

    18 Aug 2012
    The Commonwealth
    That's a very nice story. Hope your daughter is doing well.
  4. Iamthemusicman


    10 Dec 2013
    I'm sure I recall just after he was sacked by West Ham he brought tea out for the reporters outside his house.
  5. MancInAus


    14 Jun 2017
    I can understand the disappointment for you and your son, mate. It's a difficult one to quantify really.

    What we cannot forget is that these guys are humans, prone to the same faults and lapses of judgement as all of us. I know to you, 5 mins for a photo and a signature is literally nothing, but perhaps we must also consider the pressure footballers are put under nowadays. Not to say that on this occasion they probably were in the wrong. But perhaps...

    I'm not trying to defend the shitty attitude a lot of players have, but for me, I try and put myself in their shoes. They are constantly under the media spotlight, being judged for every action they take. Look at what fans spout at games, Raheem Sterling gets racially abused in some games and comes under an incredible amount of unjustified media criticism (I think because he's a young black guy done well). He gets torn apart for buying a house for his grandma, buying his food, what he does during training. People are trying to catch players slip up at every moment now, the media have ruined football for us, not the players. Players remain the same humans as they always were during the Colin Bell era, they are just under completely different circumstances now. Agents telling them what to do, PR managers telling them how to do it etc. Time's are changing...lets try and look at the bigger picture and understand these guys a bit more. Yes they get paid an extortionate amount of £££, but that isn't the players fault, they are worth what the market deems they are worth. I wouldn't say no to someone doubling my salary for doing the exact same job.

    I was once on my way to main road with a bunch of fans to watch a pre-season friendly about 20 years ago. I remember after the game, Shaun Goater came over and was a complete gentlemen, signing autographs taking photos (old school disposable). When we were leaving, got talking to an older man who was at the session with his grandson. I always remember what he was saying... "Came last year after a match and not one of the miserable buggers came over..." I asked him what match it was and he said we got thumped at home by Brighton.
  6. hutton who blue

    hutton who blue

    27 Apr 2012
    Players should always have the time for true supporters they meet who wouldn't be taking the piss, always. Unless they're at a funeral whereby a true supporter would be out of line, players should always be ready and appreciative for a quick word and autograph for a fan. That's my view.
  7. abellwillring


    18 Jun 2013
    Austin, TX
    I remember when I was about 7 or so, my favorite player for the Orlando Magic was this guy named Dennis Scott. He was a tubby guy and I was a tubby little kid. He was a rookie or maybe second year player at this point so not a massive star but he was well known. We waited after a game one time to get his autograph when he was walking to the team bus. The players were usually happy to sign at the time and most of them weren't wearing big headphones or anything yet so you knew they at least heard you when walking by.

    Needless to say, Dennis totally ignored my pleas and just kept going..still remember it 27 years later. Hopefully this doesn't sear into your kids' memory like that! All this being said, it is certainly not unique to a particular sport or a particular team. Some guys just won't do it..and that's a shame.
  8. GeekinGav


    30 Dec 2012
    Much ado about nothing all this.

    Players are people like us at the end of the day, after work, they have lives, responsibilities and other commitments. Aguero and Jesus could have been late for other things or kids, we dont know but its easy to jump to wrong conclusions that they dont give a shit.

    Footballers are just like us. They arent robots. There are socialable ones, quiet ones, cocky ones and pricks.

    if you choose to put them on a high pedestal, don't be surprised if they fall off them occassionally. They are only human after all.
  9. Franny 1234

    Franny 1234

    25 Mar 2017
    Its true what they say.
    Don't meet up with your heroes
    You will most likely be let down.
  10. FogBlueInSanFran


    17 Jul 2011
    Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge
    I'm sure all of those people criticizing the players answer every call they get from a telemarketer, give money to every panhandler who asks and opens the door for every Jehovah's Witness. Oh, you don't? Why is your time more valuable than theirs? Because you're a customer?

    Why do you want acknowledgement or an autograph from them? Because you want to tell all your mates you "met" a famous person and/or got an autograph, that's why. It's all about you.

    You really want to meet them? You want your kids to? Then get out of the line by the us at the stadium and take your family and go volunteer your time at one of the charities they support; bet there are dozens. Then you'll see what they're really like and actually be doing something worthwhile too.

    And until you let me in when I come to your door at 2:30 am looking for an autograph, or show up at your desk at work asking questions, remember that they're human too, and leave them alone.

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