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  1. Kompany Car

    Kompany Car

    19 Sep 2015
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    Can’t wait to see that beautiful flowing football Southgate gets the England team to play, I find it positively hypnotic.
  2. wattle


    8 May 2013
    Injured Harry Kane replaced by...... Jake Livermore. WOW
  3. deano ou812

    deano ou812

    14 Jul 2009
    In the dugout....
    Hmmm and ali as well,important for spurs to keep these two fresh and injury free,pochettino’s no mug..edit make that three winks as well..
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  4. GX Blue

    GX Blue

    3 Jan 2009
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    Ederson - JAPAN (A) - ENGLAND (A) - Japan game in France
    Bravo - NONE

    Mangala - NONE
    Kompany - NONE

    Otamendi - RUSSIA (A) - NIGERIA (A) - Both games in Russia
    Walker - GERMANY (H) - BRAZIL (H)
    Stones - GERMANY (H) - BRAZIL (H)
    Delph - NONE - WITHDRAWN
    Danilo - JAPAN (A) - ENGLAND (A) - Japan game in France
    Mendy - NONE

    Yaya - NONE
    David Silva - COSTA RICA (H) - RUSSIA (A)
    Fernandinho - JAPAN (A) - ENGLAND (A) - Japan game in France
    Bernardo Silva - SAUDI ARABIA (H) - USA (H)
    De Bruyne - MEXICO (H) - JAPAN (H)
    Sterling - NONE - WITHDRAWN
    Sane - ENGLAND (A) - FRANCE (H)
    Gundogan - ENGLAND (A) - FRANCE (H)

    Jesus - JAPAN (A) - ENGLAND (A) - Japan game in France
    Aguero - RUSSIA (A) - NIGERIA (A) - Both games in Russia

    Least no one is travelling far this time.
    The Brazilians are only in England and France. The English boys aren't leaving England. Even the Germans are in England for one game. Its only the Argies going to Russia that's a longer trip but all in all the travel wont be an issue this time for everyone so they should all come back fresh and in good time.

    Its gona be a 10 day break with their mates really with a change of scenery and if none of them get injured during the friendly games it might actually be quite a good thing this International break. (Famous last words ha)
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  5. manimanc


    26 Jul 2010
    breaking into heaven.....
    Delph and sterling withdrawn from the squad with calf and back injuries respectively.
  6. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
    I joked about it in the Spurs thread when Winks and Kane pulled out of the England squad with Alli out as well.

    Looks like we know the score as well:

    Delph and Sterling withdraw as well.
  7. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
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    Excellent hope it's not too serious with Delph as he's part glass. As for Raz, probably the first half push which wasn't given by Oliver.
  8. Goater=Legend


    4 Apr 2006
    I wonder if they will stay blame sterling if things go wrong in the qualifiers..
  9. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    I think delph did geta kick but getting raz out of the limelight is great news
  10. Eds


    7 Nov 2005
    Could do with KDB, Silva x 2, Sergio, and Jesus withdrawing as well at the very least

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