The world in nine years (one year on from when it said 10 years)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by worsleyweb, 20 Jul 2016.

  1. BoyBlue_1985


    14 Nov 2009
    Dafuq is this shit
    Well it will exist even humans could not figure out a way to actually blow earth up, we need a super meteorite for that and even Trump cant make that happen.

    Anyway the 2 most war loving countries (USA and Russia) will have the same kind of people in charge. Anti everything pro totalitarianism they will get on like a house on fire
  2. Tugay One Cup

    Tugay One Cup

    5 Aug 2015
    Ai Weiwei to the dangerzone
    If Skynet goes live, all eyes are on you.
  3. Helmet Cole

    Helmet Cole

    23 Jul 2007
    I reckon there will be loads more trannys. Hopefully decent ones, I can't be arsed with the ones that make no effort and look like a rugby club stag do.
    Perhaps ironically islamists may make transvestisism easier for blokes. We can liberate ourselves by donning a burka and just doing a bit of eye make up. Happy days.
  4. CTID1988


    15 Sep 2009
    Wasn't this pretty much the jist of martin luther kings "I have a dream" speech? One day mate, one day.
  5. Pino


    3 May 2016
    Perpetual subservancy to Washington / EU / Nato.
  6. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    I will own the Bluemoon Forum (c) after an emergency £1 buyout plan
    Some of you will have to vacate your tenure whilst some will be promoted to the highest echelons of power.
    Flat caps and braces will make a resurgance for football fashinistas and casuals alike creating a brand new counter culture.
    Season cards will be offered on an A.I basis with pies and pints included in your matchday experiance
    Safe standing will have been introduced into certain sections of the ground
    Brussels will have been superceeded as the mouthpiece of Europe with UK now dictating fairish to middleish policy for all.
    Pounds inches and shillings will be compulsararly reintroduced into their market place and adapt they shall !
    The housing market will have seen unprecedented rises as the new 10 year bull run gleefully gets under way
    Blackpool will be the new Marbella with celebs buying up the golden mile.
    Planning permission granted for our new trophy room.
    Isis defeated with catholocism and nuns now getting proper leary
    I shall be wearing my pants up to my chest
  7. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Property Development
    Taxi drivers and teachers will still be moaning
  8. Pablo1


    1 Aug 2011
    I'm gonna try really hard never to get on the wrong side of you! Haha!
  9. TCIB


    30 May 2011
    Currently, netdev
    Balls deep in the matrix
    Pablo1 will never have got on the wrong side of me (you can't anyway because we seem to agree on 99% of topics hehe)
    I shall invent skynet and turn the bleeder on :-D
    One real one...

    Manchester united will not have won another premiership title within these next 10 years.
  10. Seosa


    13 Jul 2009
    Cleaning Lenin's Mausoleum
    1. City will have won at least 3 League titles and 1 European Cup. However, the corporates' greatest victory will be to permanently replace white with navy in the home kit. A legal document will be drawn up that prevents the 2016 crest from ever being improved to make it more like the 72 badge as the 2016 badge is a "modern original classic".
    2. The world is recovering from the 5-year long World War 3 which lasted from 2019-2024 & was won by the new USA/Canada hybrid nation known as the North American Empire, led by Emperor Trump. As a result of the war, religion & interracial breeding are non-existent.
    3. Houses are increasingly technological, with elements such as built-in super fridge freezers, boilers, Wi-Fi & touchpad walls.
    4. The European Union is a thing of the past, while the UK is dissolved. England, Scotland & Wales are independent with Northern Ireland merging with their Southern neighbours to reform a single Ireland. The existence of the Monarchy is under its greatest threat, with Charles hung from a bridge on a visit to Manchester.
    5. NASA produces fifteen colonies to depart from Earth to search different parts of the Universe.

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