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    Liverpool thread 2018/19

    I think we will both drop points before the end of season. Look at the 'joke fixtures' where we have dropped all of our points this season.
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    Odds on all 4 trophies

    You might as well give 33,000/1 odds. It isn't going to happen and it shouldn't even be discussed as it can only lead to disappointment. I'll more than settle for any 2 trophies this year.
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    You mean Lee I've got Meningitis' Sharpe Fancy another can of 'coke' Lee?...
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    United thread 2018/19

    The BBC commentary last night was completely OTT. At one stage Pogbad was described as 'incomparable'. FFS, give it a rest. It was a decent win against a struggling side but you would have thought they had just beaten Barca in a CL final. Sycophantic is an understatement.
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    Leeds United 2018/19 thread

    C'mon you Leeds! It would be awesome to have them back in the Premiership. It really would.
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    Mike Tyson

    I read his autobiography - a very interesting read. Regarding him being a rapist - I would say read the book, research what he says about it and the evidence submitted to the jury then make your own decision if he is a 'rapist' or not. I'm not saying he is or he isn't. I'm saying read up on it...
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    Partridge is about as funny as a traffic warden.
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    This brawl at the races

    Blues doing coke in the toilets at Wembley is common place. They get pissed sniff a few lines and then it all kicks off! That's why I now pay the extra for Club Wembley if I'm going with the family. Just can't be doing with it.
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    Derby Date Weds 24th April 8pm - confirmed

    Hmmmm... And exactly how did that turn out?
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    This brawl at the races

    Throwing silly amounts of alcohol down their necks at the same time. What could possibly go wrong...
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    This brawl at the races

    I was there and watched it from a balcony from start to finish. Two gangs of scousers. Around 20 people tops (forget the news headlines of 50 etc). Al pissed up. Carried on outside where they damaged and smashed a few cars in the car park.
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    Carabao Cup final tickets

    I have one spare (upgraded to Club Wembley). Block 134 Row 43 Seat 10 £72.00 face value. Now gone.
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    What music would you like to be played at your funeral?

    If You Don't Know Me By Now (Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes version - not the ginger rag's version) Another One Bites The Dust - Queen Burn Baby Burn (Disco Inferno) - The Trammps.
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    Crumbling relationships...

    And slams in your face...
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    Crumbling relationships...

    A mate of mine got divorced after 20 years. They got married again but live in separate houses in the same street. He reckons its perfect, but expensive. When either of them get pissed off with each other or need their own space they just go back to their respective houses for a while and then...
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