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    Marcos Lopes

    Lopes will make it at City if we get rid of the dead wood that is blocking him at the moment. Navas, Milner, Lampard and Jovetic wont be here next season so he has to take one of those positions in the squad. When he was injured Lille where really struggling but since hes come back they have...
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    Virgin TV anywhere

    Sky sports doesnt play via the virgin app you need the sky sports app to watch them on. As for movies not tried it but sports work on my phone and ipad
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    Lancashire CCC

    The problem we had is that we got promoted too soon. We won the league with Chapple and Hogg having their best ever seasons with both bat and ball, Kerrigan had a good season and all the batsmen performed well. Last year we walked away with Division 2 but that wasnt hard when you look at...
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    Lancashire CCC

    I'd give youth a go, Hameed who has been scoring for fun in the 2nds this year and also for England u19s, might only be 17/18 but i'd get him in and give him a go. Livingstone is coming off a double for the 2nds so he could possibly be chucked in but bowling wise we are going to struggle. No...
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    Jennifer Lawrence

    Wouldnt mind a pm as well
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    Bluemoon Royal Ascot Champion Tipser 2014 Day 4 Picks Table

    Re: Bluemoon Royal Ascot Champion Tipser 2014 Day 4 Picks Ta 3.05 - Cafe Society 3.45 - Eagle Top 4.25 - My Titania 5.00 - Marzocco 5.35 - Watchable
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    Bluemoon Royal Ascot Champion Tipser 2014 Day 3 Picks Table

    Re: Bluemoon Royal Ascot Champion Tipser 2014 Day 3 Picks Ta 2.30 Baitha Alga 3.05 Mutakayyef 3.45 Wonderstruck 4.25 Brown Panther 5.00 Hors De Combat 5.35 Elite Army
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    Bluemoon Royal Ascot Champion Tipser 2014 Day 2 Table

    2.30 That is the spirit 3.05 Dangerous moonlite 3.45 The Fugue 4.25 Certify 5.00 Abseil 5.35 Muteela
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    Bluemoon Royal Ascot Champion Tipser 2014 Day 1

    2.30 Toronado 3.05 Cock of the North 3.45 Guere 4.25 Night of Thunder 5.00 Ray Ward 5.35 Mubtaghaa
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Moores did a fantastic job at Lancs. Even though we got relegated the other year he managed to win the championship with a team that should have been battling relegation. Hes got the best out of the likes of Chapple and Hogg and hes helped Kerrigan improve massively. Lancs will miss him big time...
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    Daily Horse Racing \ Tipping thread

    Can see Sam Twiston-Davies getting the job for Mcmanus when McCoy decides to retire. Hes imrpoved leaps and bounds since getting the job for his dad and has started to ride some big winners recently like The New One and Double Ross. That experience is vital when you're riding for the biggest...
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    NFL 2014

    Re: NFL 2013 Dont know of any bars that show it on a consistent basis. Will be a few that show the Superbowl though. Best thing to get is gamepass. £99 for the season and you can watch any game that is not shown on sky that weekend and you can watch redzone, nfl network and archived...
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Re: ********The Winter Ashes******** Rain due to stop later in morning so if the forecast is right we will see at least 4-5 hours of cricket with the rain not expected til late evening. Would be a big boost if we could hold out for a draw but they need to take a long look that themselves. This...
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    Daily Horse Racing \ Tipping thread

    Cant wait to see Invictus tomorrow in the Hennessey. Backed him for the King George and Gold Cup already so hoping for a decent run tomorrow. Beat Bobs Worth comfortably at Ascot the other year but picked up an injury and hasnt been seen since. Also on Melodic Rendezvous big for the Champion...
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    NFL 2014

    Re: NFL 2013 As far as waivers are concerned, the worst teams get priority. So if youre ranked 1 overall in the league you will be last on the waivers.
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