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    Champions League Final | Travel Requirements + COVID Tests

    If you want to complain about any of the testing centres, I contacted UKAS who do their (self) accreditation today. They said you need to contact the testing centre in writing (I assume email will do) with the word Complaint in the title and outline your complaint. If no satisfactory response in...
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    Champions League Final | Pre-Match Thread

    And I don’t think have done either treble - league or fa cup?
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    Semi Final Tunes

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    Will you attend City games if we join a European Super League?

    Never thought I would say this, but I am ashamed of my club today
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    All people with diabetes, whatever their age, are in the current vaccination group
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    Ian Brown

    Thalidomide isn’t a vaccine
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    No, vaccine is for prevention, not treatment, and actually someone being unwell is a reason to delay their vaccination
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    I have given up clapping at the front door with my neighbours as I have watched them all break the lockdown rules - it’s just hypocrisy on their part!
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    Champions League Playlist

    Running the world - Jarvis Cocker - go listen to the lyrics!
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    City calling round ex-season ticket holders - drumming up business?

    And surely the 2 lucky scarves comment was the giveaway of this wind up?
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    City calling round ex-season ticket holders - drumming up business?

    Funniest thread ever on Bluemoon! Thank you on so many levels
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    Crystal Palace (a) pre-match thread

    Fantastic? Really?
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    Would you sit in Utd end at OT?

    Only time I ever went there was as a kid with my dad and you could pay on the Gate - they were playing ‘Boro and we were stood with the Rags - remember us both celebrating when Boro scored and it finished 0-1 - no idea how we survived it
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    How many trophies will we win?

    Well you’re cheerful - ffs!
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