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    [Official] Guardiola to manage City next season

    Get the fuck in!
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    Player Topic: Kevin De Bruyne (2015/16)

    What a waste of money lads!
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    This Weeks other PL Fixtures Week 9 17-19 Oct 15

    Can see Everton getting something out of their game today, would not surprise me if they win. Be interesting to see how Chelsea will do.
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    Club Badge (merged)

    This is lovely!
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Juventus (15/09/15)

    Deary me Bony, awful shot!
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    This Weeks other Champions\Europa League Games

    Griezmann gets a second! Bale off, injured too it seems.
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    This Weeks other PL Fixtures Week 5

    Tyler as impartial as it gets there. Naught to see here lads
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    AS Monaco Thread

    Abidal to Monaco official as well.
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    Neymar was largely bought because of his marketing potential. Rosell wanted a signing like that, and in my opinion it's mostly a case of "better come to us instead of rivals" even if they don't need a player in that position. CB is a big ask for them. At the moment I don't see Thiago Silva...
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    Liverpool Thread 2013/14

    Didn't Dalglish manage only a year at your place Jimi? :P
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    Angel Di Maria

    So they won't be signing a CB then? :P
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    Oliver Torres

    Nope. And Atletico won't sell him so soon as well. In a few years perhaps but not now.
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    Joe Kinnear

    He is cracking me up more and more with each interview he gives. Poor Newcastle fans :D
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    The Tottenham Thread 13/14

    Villa looks like someone who came out of nowhere and is not supposed to be there :P
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