£5.25 Aldi wine as good as £3,000 bottle.

I'm off to the Virgin wines tasting at GMEX in a couple of weeks in my never ending quest to find a red wine I like
I am a peasant when it comes to wine, but I enjoy the day. It'll be the fourth time I've visited
Cost around £20 for a ticket and you drink as much as you want for five hours

Last year they had a craft beer and a rum table which was interesting and I spent the last half an hour of the session tasting the beers

When we were on the way home, my daughter asked what I had discovered and I replied that I like beer
Going to this with Mrs P (March 9th)
No we haven't, what to expect?
A quite mature attendance, though someone always overdoes it
Lot's of tables with the producers very willing to talk you through their products
I had a lovely chat with a Spanish producer who had five riojas of various age to sample. I told him I was trying to find a red wine I like. He asked what I drank and then pointed me to his youngest wine. It wasn't for me and in his most polite English he pretty much said " Sorry pal. My stuff ain't for you"
Meanwhile wifey is sampling something that you could stand up a spoon in!
If you don't like something do not feel obliged to drink it, just pour it away
At the start it can seem quite pretentious, however at the end of the event everyone's inhibitions no longer exist
I'd advise that to begin with you crack on with the sparkling wines and as the day progresses move onto the reds
And eat something substantial or you'll be bladdered after an hour
I used to buy my Dad’s wine from Morrison’s, he’d have the 2 for a tenner most of the time but when there were offers on better bottles I’d get those. However, sometimes it was a waste of time as his third glass from the bottle was topped up with Aldi’s Gin.

Don’t think even an £8 bottle of wine would have been much of an upgrade. Doctor told him he was drinking too much but he lived until 89, described his night time drinking as his only remaining pleasure!

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