11 | Jeremy Doku - 2023/24

He/She/They wrote "he is the main reason why we came out of this contest with our heads held high "

Does that sound like someone who has a balanced view of the game we all just watched?
You've tried to make your point 7 times dude, and you're 7 times wrong. Try to read all the other comments, we all think Doku had -at least- a decent game, he stepped up and made City more dangerous. If you don't want to see or hear that, I think you are biased.

We need all our players, Jack & Jeremy are both very important for this club. They wear the same shirt, remember. If one of the two has more impact than the other in a certain game, just be fair enough to admit it. Btw I think Jack had a good game too, but he wasn't able to break through that parked Madrid bus.

Imagine Doku playing in a Real shirt yesterday, along with Vinicious... what kind of counter attacks we would have to face, be happy he's with us.
This sort of player we needed yesterday. Makes chaos as they decided to park the bus the 2nd half. Maybe 10 mins earlier
Thought he was a bit headless at first but he’s definitely growing into the club and team

With the amount of parked busses we face I actually feel now he has to start as he’s the only one who get get the ball into dangerous areas in the box on the most regular basis
He's reaching form at just the right time as we look to tie up the FA Cup and Premier League.
Has suddenly come to life since that cameo appearance at Anfield. His decision making is a lot better, his ability to keep full-backs pinned and frightened is growing, and last night he produced on the big stage. Hope he does it again on Saturday. Still a bit rusty and frustrating in places but he's definitely gone up a gear.
He played really well when he came on and currently to me it feels his best bets come from being an impact sub running at tired legs.

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