11 | Jeremy Doku - 2023/24

Maybe better suited for the bench but he's been great recently, exactly the thing we've missed

Pace, directness and confidence

Doing exactly what we need from him
Why better suited to the bench? Was really good on the right when he started against Villa and the best player on the pitch last Saturday
Just feel he seems to struggle to grow into the game when he starts, the slow tempo we use doesn't help this

Then he's already a bit tired by the time the game opens up. Think he tires quite quickly relative to our other players, probably because he does so many sprints they are more tiring
He's going to be a nightmare for defenders for years to come.

I love our little agent of chaos!
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The “Brainless” Belgian was excellent when he came on. Gave us an impetus and a thrust we had been lacking.

He came in for Madrid, the game changed. He came in now, the game changed. His our game changer. He keeps improving at this rate, he becomes the best and most lethal winger in our league.

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