16 | Rodri - 2023/24

The most important player asset we have at our club.

The games he missed show that without him we don’t function anywhere close as a team as we do with him.
He needs some rest with the huge games we have on the horizon but I can't see it happening sadly.

I just hope the club sort this out in the summer, the guy is simply asked to play far too much.

There many young potential player like him on the market but the exact same skillset like him right now?

There's no DM in the world that even close to Rodri ability right now, you just asking the impossible seeking DM that can immediately hit ground and able to switch up with Rodri easily.
Superb first half against Bournemouth & Boscombe F.C. but he looked like he was running in quicksand 2nd half , he looks knackered , the whole idea of buying Phillips was to lighten the load so we need to sign another quality midfield holder for next season, we will burn Rodri out playing sixty games a season.
Must be unbeaten in 58-59 club games in all competitions now. Isn't that a record in English football?
Must be unbeaten in 58-59 club games in all competitions now. Isn't that a record in English football?
The most important player bar none, has been for nigh on 3 seasons

His evolution, for me, is one of the most important of this era; we cope with most changes in our line up but 58/59 games is it? That’s touching on the ridiculous in the modern game…

Stays fit and free from suspension and we, at the least, lift a couple of more trophies…

EL-Cid is a machine
Fuck a winger. Find somebody who takes the load off Rodders. Kovacic is the closest I’d say, would like to see him get a whirl there at some point.

Gundo going was a huge issue, covered so many different positions and all brilliantly.
There was a moment towards the end where he got done on yhe turn and a break was on. He was a whisker away from bringing them down and taking the booking but thought better of it. Lots of players would have buy he knows he needs to keep his nose clean where yellows are concerned and resisted. Elite decision making in the moment.

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