18 | Stefan Ortega - 2023/24

The greatest compliment I can pay Ortega is that the team still seemed relaxed in front of him throughout the game.

In the past, if Ederson has been injured, the defence has seemed more nervous on the ball -- and there's been a sense that the deputy goalkeeper behind them has caused that feeling of unease.

The defence/midfield wasn't perfect on Tuesday, but they definitely seemed happy and comfortable to have Ortega behind them.

I wouldn't argue that he should be number 1 over Ederson. But I'd definitely say he's the best back up to Ederson City have had.
He must be rated very highly. Its really tough call between Stefan and Ederson so its really top level. He is just below Ederson on the ball and only because Ederson is undoubtetly 1st in the world.

I dont think Pep is changing Ederson long term. Not possible bar hugely poor form from Ederson for few weeks (and im not sure he has ever had such longer period).

If Ortega wants to play or go Im telling him thank You really much for massive contributions actually and its reasonable for everybody. Better like this than with the fuss.

Hope they can play both;D
He deserves better than West Ham.
Barca should be trying to sell Ter Stegen to Saudi and getting Stefan in, would be a huge upgrade for them.
Ortega rested for Real? Predictive text on my phone turns Ortega into Oregano. However, I have now sorted that issue.
I reckon Ortega is like Jim Corr.
No matter how well Jim plays , you'd still prefer Andrea, Caroline or Sharon
So I'd like to know where you got the notion
Said I'd like to know where you got the notion
To rock the boat
Don't rock the boat, baby

Rock the boat
Don't tip the boat over
Rock the boat
Don't rock the boat, baby

Rock the boat

If I was him, I would be whistling this all week whenever I walk past Pep. Stefan was brilliant, why rock the boat by bringing Eddie back? Eddie is great don't get me wrong butb Ortega was perfect for this game.

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