18 | Stefan Ortega - 2023/24

His last outing was awful but looked much better today. If ederson let's those 2 shots in, there's a few dozen people slating him for it already from those who believe every shot should be saved. I don't believe he has any responsibility for either goal though. Good distribution, did what he had to, can be satisfied with his game.

I wouldn't be surprised if Arsenal comes in for him this summer, he's better than Raya and ramsdale.
Incredible whenever we give him a chance. It's so difficult not to play for weeks or months and then be expected to perform at our level, but he delivers world-class shot-stopping regardless. He is the best 2nd keeper in the world by a country mile.
Brilliant backup, far too good in reality, I am sure he will be off in the summer to be a No1 at a top club.
Would be a crying shame to lose him, but you couldn't begrudge him wanting to be number 1 somewhere. He definitley deserves it.
Had some good moments shot stopping, but you get reminded every once in a while when it comes to awareness and distribution that he's just not Ederson.

The goals were good finishes and he got hung out to dry by Walker. Maybe could have gotten closer to the 2nd but again, it was a good finish.

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