19 | Julian Alvarez - 2023/24

Alvarez and Haaland in same team doesn’t work. Everyone Is always complaining about how many games we have to play, surely Pep can keep them both happy with a bit of rotation.
They are also totally different types of player and our style of play changes accordingly , which surely has to be a benefit.
Dont be ridiculous , not his fault pep keeps playing him where he is not suited
Im guessing reports that he complained about his playing time last season are true, I cant see how he can put in lacklustre performances and still be picked if he didnt complain, so technically it is his fault.
He's not done terribly in this position but he hasn't done brilliantly either. Probably through tiredness too.

I think if we had got Paqueta (not our fault btw) then he would be playing in that position?

Either way it's the correct set up by Pep but Alvarez is the wrong player for it.
Him playing in midfield shouldn’t suddenly make him not be able to shoot. He needs resting for a few games.
Yes, his shooting is (was) one reason why i could see pep playing him central. He has a great shot and is normally accurate. He hits the target more often than not.
BUT, as you mention, his shooting has gone to shit. A clear indicator his game is suffering right now.
He's a good player Alvarez, and for 15m you really can't complain. But at this moment in time he's hindering the team in that attacking midfield position , well that's where I think he's trying to play anyway. Kovacic would bring more stability to the midfield and would contribute more. Bench for the foreseeable future for me

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