2022 Commonwealth Games


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14 Sep 2015
The first verses of ‘There’ll always be an England’. Take out the verses relating to Empire.

‘There’ll always be an England
While there’s a country Lane
Wherever there’s a cottage small
Beside a field of grain

There’ll always be an England
While there’s a busy street
Wherever there’s a turning wheel
A million marching feet.

Red, white and blue
What does it mean to you?
Surely your proud, shout it aloud
Briton’s awake’

?? :-) ;-)
Might as well just go directly to the Floral Dance.


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19 Jul 2020
Team supported
Manchester City
Jerusalem can be quite cheerful but it needs a lot of people to sing it to make it work.
Several thousand extremely drunk people can give it a go …..but it’s too much of an eventually rousing dirge. It’s the official anthem of the Womens Institute (WI) which rather says it all….
If England need an inspirational anthem……..

Reach for the stars
Climb every mountain higher
Reach for the stars
Follow your heart’s desire
Reach for the stars
And when that rainbow’s shining over you
That’s when your dreams will all come true

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