2024 T20 Cricket World Cup

Who's going to win the 2024 ICC World T20 tournament?

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Scotland favourites for the first time, as of 6.1 overs of the Australian innings.
Australia made hard work of that but just about got the job done.

Very lethargic. Think we saw the difference in intensity of a team that needs to win and one that knows deep down, it’s not really imperative.

10-15 more runs that Scotland probably should have got in their last five overs, was probably the difference between them winning and losing.
That was tight....Aussies always looked in control in the last 5 overs but, shame that Scot couldn't hold the catch.
Why the fuck am I still awake at 5 am watching Scotland v Australia at cricket. Very tense 10 hours for England with the weather in Antigua and the Scots coming close in St Lucia
The format is a joke.
We could have gone out because we lost to Australia and with rain-offs against sides we'd expect to beat.
The chase against Scotland looked tricky but with our batting we'd have backed ourselves.

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