21 | Sergio Gomez - 2023/24

He's awful. Seen better on Littleton rd. Stop sticking up for the kid.
Harsh. He had a great game in the Champions League and a brilliant cameo vs Fulham. He was good in the first half today as well, and average (like most of our players) in the second, but he got moved to LB. He is a LW/RW, not a LB. If it wasn't for our awful finishing, he would have bagged a hattrick of assists in the CL.
He's clearly limited and he can't do the things the better players can, but can live with as a squad option for now. He's better with someone to cross to.
Didn't get peps set up today, would have made so much more sense to have gomez wide left and bobb wide right and grealish behind alvarez. If he's going to make it here, it's his more traditional wing play and crossing that's going to allow him to make it. Playing in a position where he can't use that isn't doing him any favours.
He has nice cameos as a sub but he just doesn’t seem to cut it over 90mins when he starts. He is a decent player but decent won’t get the job done here.

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