24 | Joško Gvardiol - 2023/24

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Pep had some really nice words to say post-match and was quite effusive on the character bit. Comments start at about 2:40. (Also Pep reminding us to keep the faith on the new players).

“I would say it’s been more than weeks (that he has been excellent). I would say it’s months already. There was a period that was so uncertain, it was not really, really good. I said before, but it’s normal in the first season, Premier League, the demanding, challenges, skills, and strengths.

“But we talked, we saw many of his performances, and he got it. He can play central defender, can play left, he’s just 22-years-old, he’s an unbelievably lovely guy, he’s beloved like you cannot imagine for his humility and we are really, really pleased.”

Its clear that he is loved by the rest of the squad. Mind you if Kyle tweaked my nose like that I wouldn't take it as well as Josko did. But then I'm a grumpy FOC rather than an elite footballer on the cusp of a stellar career for the best team in the world.

He is doing great and has grown into that left position as Pep knew he would. A physical beast with silky skills and a fantastic attitude.

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