24 | Joško Gvardiol - 2023/24

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I thought he was great in the first half but poor on the ball in the second half, to be honest. He's certainly developing a nice knack for scoring goals, though!
Haven't seen many comments about him not being a left back recently...

Was clear to see his Supreme quality from the off, we paid for thr best and we got the best, just a lack of patience from some whilst the 22 year old playing in a new country, in a new team, in a new position for a new manager adjusted.

Him not giving a single shit about getting a hattrick which will likely never present itself to him again shows the mentality of both him and this squad, it's all about the team.

Ninjamonkey said:
Nice easy return for him. Played like he hadn't been out at all. He's dying to get off the mark with a goal too. He'll score a goal of the month contender beautiful goal soon enough.

Channeling my inner mystic Meg.
Don’t want to overreact but if you told me in 20 years he retired our best ever defender I don’t think I’d be particularly surprised. This is elite level quality and he’s 22.

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