3 | Ruben Dias - 2023/24

Still not at his best level, should've been able to deal with a shite striker like Richarlison easily.
I thought he was good after a mixed bag earlier in the season. He will get better too, now that he can focus on football.
That block was incredible, albeit it came from his poor pass to start their attack. I still maintain he was the least responsible for their goal. It was much more on Gvaridol, Ake, and even Rodri for me.
It wasn't faultless by any means but it was much improved compared to his form over the season as a whole. Still needs to tighten up but going in the right direction.

I expect him and the rest of the defence to really step up now that we finally have options again. The defence has largely picked itself this season with various injuries and such a small pool of defenders to start with, there hasn't been any competition for places

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