3 | Ruben Dias - 2023/24

Ruben Dias is an interesting one this season, poor performances along with a shift in his role and demands put on him. I did a post in my City newsletter, linked below. Don't think you can avoid the fact he has done poor neither can you ignore the changes in his role on the ball, carrying it and positioning a lot further up the pitch the in possession. Not having Stones, not having a box midfield of last season and so on.

Be interested to see what anyone thinks
Good battle with Calvert Llewyn and he came out on top , last couple of games he has looked more like the Ruben we know , still believe Stones & Dias are the best pairing at centre back with Walker and Ake either side of them
Strong, composed, commanding. Much better recently, but especially with Stonesy in the team.
Let's the high ball bounce too often! More noticeable with Dias because of his physicality but it's the case with most modern defenders. Must be coached into them!
Played well tonight.

I know he wasn’t up against a top player, but earlier in the season he still looked poor against weaker teams and he’s definitely playing more like the player we know he is now.

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