47 | Phil Foden - 2022/23

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I thought he played well when he came on and had a good end to the season. Overall it wasn’t his season, marred by injuries and hopefully next season he will be back to his best.

He made as many appearances for us as he has in the past 2 seasons which shows how much he has developed, because he missed so many this season. When he is fit he plays basically.

His best goal scoring campaign in the league as well.

If he stays fit I fully expect to see him kick on next season. I wonder when Pep decided he was ready for a central role and what it was based on. That video shows how good his all round game is. Different to De Bruyne but more than capable of being as effective.

Looking forward to seeing him on the england bench tonight.
Thought he looked excellent towards the end and the fact pep trusts him in the middle is really promising. Got to find that connection with Haaland and risk the through ball. Next season is his season.
Saw his family in the fan park. Fair to describe them as down to earth, looked to be loving it.
Good player. I hope they get him on a bulk program this summer.

It's not 1980. :)

Plenty of players of his type and size have become world class players.

One of them is the best player ever and then the likes of Silva, Xavi and Iniesta weren't too bad either!

I see Phil as being in the same bracket from a physical point of view.
Why the f*ck does Phil put with Waiscoat , he is snubbed everytime he picks a squad , tell England to f*ck off and go on a well deserved holiday and get ready for Auguest for the important stuff.
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