47 | Phil Foden - 2023/24

Were you watching the same game? He was atrocious, wasteful and losing the ball for no reason.

Why would they give Akanji MotM ffs?
Atrocious is over the top, but Foden is prone to ceding possession when played in the middle, particularly when facing our goal, and it is also true that he can be brushed off the ball more easily. Once space opens, however, particularly in the last 20 minutes, he is in his element. All players have their weaknesses and those are the things he needs to work on.
Sorry, but if you want to be elite, you cannot lose the ball that easily which leads to counters!

When you do, you do not have a MotM performance!
Funny, I haven't seen you here for months to criticise him. He and Rodri were the only players in the top three with a chance of scoring as a passer and receiver.


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Had a few missed chances and poor decisions today, but it's allright still loves him. Good in tight spaces.

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