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  1. BlueMoonz1977


    23 Jan 2012
    I think it was down to thinking that we could cope. Because of all the overseas player spots were filled Pep and the club believed we could get too the end of the season with what we had,

    The with David leaving and most likely Sane that would free up 2 spots, For 2 players whilst Foden steps in as well.

    As is always the case with us, it goes pete tong and we end up having major injuries

    I agree with Karen, the defence is lacking a commanding presence to lead the line. Not o e of the established CB have stepped up to take control of the situation and that to me is telling

    The fact we are relying on Fernandinho to try and do this is unjust and puts adverse pressure on his shoulders
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  2. Ballet-on-ice


    30 Dec 2012
    I posted something similar to this thread after the Wolves match and I was still optimistic after Sundays game however, after actually watching the game, I think we're fucked because it's clear to me now that var will stich us up at every opportunity and will reward Liverpool at every opportunity.

    It's their year, its already been decided.
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  3. Bill the Blue

    Bill the Blue

    28 Jul 2013
    Here and There, mostly Here..
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    The only football team to come from Manchester!
    When I was growing up it was drummed into me that 'cheats never prosper'...

    Well now I've grown up I can confirm that cheats do in fact prosper and not only that you get ****s in the media condoning it and laughing it off!!

    Has nobody got any values left ffs..!
  4. alexmcity


    1 Aug 2019
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    Things are going extremely well for the scousers. But it is not likely that this will continue for 9 months. Perhaps it's part of another boom-bust cycle. Everything falls into place for them right now, they see themselves with the title...but then, at some point, they suffer an unexpected defeat, then concede twice from two deflected shots and draw the next game, then some of the key players gets injured...and the bust part of the cycle arrives.
  5. bluebaja


    1 Nov 2013
    North East Wales (heart in Eccles)
    Can we do it ? I don't know, but my guess is that whatever happens the gap will be a lot less than 9 points come May.
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  6. Scottish Cityzen

    Scottish Cityzen

    1 Dec 2017
    I think we can, will need all the luck we’ve not had so far. We need to be ready to take advantage of if and when the Dippers stumble.

    First things first, we need to harness the feeling of injustice, and play with the high intensity attacking we did in the last 20 on Sunday. No team can live with that.

    We have a load of tough fixtures coming up, if we can start a run of wins our big players are slowly but surely coming back.

    I really think we will be unstoppable come February so I won’t be giving up just yet.

    Even on Sunday we scored 1 but on another day could have easily had 3 or 4. Let’s go out and start dismantling teams again. One of our problems this season has been the games where we have had shockingly low conversion of chances, sort that and VAR won’t be able to influence games.
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  7. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Maine Rd - My Soul Home..
    Of course we can still win it, however, Sunday demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt, who the establishment want to win it and overcoming them as well as maintaining our form, amounts to our greatest title win ever, if we can do it....!! Nobody better than City overcoming insurmountable odds and obstacles.....!
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  8. Grassland Blue

    Grassland Blue

    25 Mar 2016
    John Stones could be that leader, his confidence isn't quite there yet, for whatever reasons, but the signs are there that he could do a job.
    Come on son, you CAN do it!
  9. Scaring Europe to Death

    Scaring Europe to Death

    31 Oct 2014
    With or without VAR, it’s undeniable that City have suffered more than any team from rank incompetence, bordering on suspicious.

    However, I also think that we’re too easily bullied, and frequently finish the game with more Yellow Cards (usually through naivety or petulance), whilst our opponents are allowed to play on the edge, especially in the first 20 minutes.

    This is where we miss Kompany’s presence, as he was the only City player who could get the benefit of the doubt (Liverpool H last season, Leicester A 17-18) when Stones or Otamendi might have walked.

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