82 | Rico Lewis - 2023/24

Fuck knows why he was thrown in against probably the most powerful midfield in the league at the minute. Completely steam rolled.
I really rate him but tonight was one of the few occasions where we he seemed completely out of his depth. Hard to be overly judgmental though when he’s playing in midfield alongside an unfit CB and a forward.
I will get pelters but he gets in the team…when things are going wrong. He is used as some kind of wake-up call. It worked last year, god knows if it will this year.

I don’t rate him anything like others do on here. He’s a right back, who can’t defend and a midfielder that doesn’t do much of anything. He’s young but even now, I don’t see any scenario (unless we fall off a cliff) where he becomes a regular in this side.

Before people inevitably lose their shit…for years our RB has been the best in the business. Our number 8s have been the likes of David Silva, KDB and Gundo. It means that Rico has world class boots to fill. I don’t think that 1) he is good enough to do it and 2) will ever get the chance…we will never start a season where Rico is either our number 1 RB or number 8. Like I said, for him to play regular, it will mean that the shit has really hit the fan.
100 true like a fair few of our players
Couldn't get into the game tonight. Probably needed quicker ball but was bullied at times. No surprise considering his age and their midfield options. Was surprised Pep didn't change the midfield sooner, and that he Still kept Stones on rather than looking to get Pgil or Bernardo in there.
I just don’t see it with this lad
Don’t see what he brings to the team or what he’s supposed to be

Unpopular opinion alert
Never will be unfortunately good enough in midfield, maybe right back but never midfield
He’ll be alright further down the league in midfield. Never make a right back at the top level as long as he’s got a hole in his arse. No pace, strength or size.

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