A bit OTT from MET ( warning sensitive for animal lovers)

exactly people saying a cow couldn't cause much damage really have no imagination. They can cause huge amounts of damage and death. It had to be stopped, they tried for a bit but then took the correct call to put an end to it.

Absolutely nobody has ever said a cow couldn’t cause much damage.

But this one wasn’t ’rampaging.’ It was trotting slowly down the road and offering no immediate threat to anybody.

That gobby guy in the black shorts looked like he was capable of doing a bit of damage if the mood took him.

They should maybe have ran him over aswell, just to be on the safe side?
It's a cow that's being reared to be killed for meat. It's property worth no more than 1200-1500 pounds. Why tie police up with an escaped cow or let it run about the street and cause a crash or property damage exceeding it's worth.

It's not a pet. It's also still alive and being looked after. The alternative solution is would be shooting the animal or wasting policeman power needed on other incidents.

Sorry we didn't attend the domestic emergency, aggravated burglary or road accident, we were playing cowboys.
I await the response from the RSPCA. If they can take the decision to prosecute someone for obeying the law and killing a grey squirrel because they drowned it instead of dispatching it with a swifter method. Then presumably the police using this way to stop a cow following instructions and not a legal statute will be prosecuted.

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