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9 Jan 2009
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little story about trainers, im a 55 year old bloke ,so i'm not really into all the different models of trainers, i like what i like (gazelles usually )and i'm happy,

however i was in london for the week, stayed at the premier inn at heathrow, i was outside on the smoking balcony(quite small) and this big black lad had a pair of trainers on that i really liked, so i thought id take a sneaky pic ,send it to one of the lads at work whose into his trainers and he could tell me what they were, so i took a what i thought would be a sneaky pic, and fuck me the phone made a big camera clicking noise ,i felt a right **** pretending to do a selfie whilst juggling my phone :)

BTW ,the trainers were nike jordan low1 or something like that

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1 Sep 2016
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Think spezial releases only ever go up to 12.
They used to go up to 13s often. For example, the original releases of Winter Hills in green and brown did, but the recent nicer grey and black ones didn’t.

In some adi lines they seem to have started going up to UK 12½ (USA 13) as a maximum but I’m really a 13½ so 12½ is a bit of a squeeze, whereas I’d get away with 13.

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