Any MCFC supporters clubs in Scotland?

I am guessing you are a member?
it all seems very strange to me, I applied to join any was asked in response do I want away tickets. When I answered no as I source all my own (go every game and can get tickets for all) I was rejected - presumably from my opinion because they couldn’t use me to help them get tickets, or maybe hopefully some less ulterior motive I didn’t know
if you are a member - are there meetings? How many tickets do they get? Why would it be “full” - what does that actually mean
? Does the person running it post here?
Can you allay peoples concerns that it is all ”a bit dodgy”. I do keep thinking I should ask my hospitality contact at City to look into it but can (currently) not be bothered. May change though if I feel mischievous

The first rule of Fight Club.....
We run the Noth East Scotland Branch based out of Aberdeen, we have approximately 110 members. Membership is closed for this season though and members must be located in Scotland.
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Back in the day I sat behind a Dad and his young daughter. He traveled from Livingston on match days both for weekend and mid week games - I admired his dedication for travelling that distance to watch the blues.

Travelling especially this season with strikes and upgrade work had been a pain in the proverbial!!
Next weekend no trains down the west coast and hotel prices in Manchester are extortionate.
Luckily the quality on the park makes up for it.
Having spent many holidays in the Highlands I imagine the branch meetings will be via Zoom.
Ha yes, so far they have all been online! I think all the Committee members can get to Manchester quicker than we can get to each other.

I'm originally from Oldham, it's a far cry from there up here let me tell ya!

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