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28 Aug 2005
after watch some more of the game from yesterday it was clear city took the foot of the gas and was playing with arsenal after 10 minutes ? at any point of the game did arsenal look like they could have hurt us ? city had so much gears and levels to go up its scary for the rest

couple of points from the game i did not like. the respect city players was giving arsenal ? then you see arsenal players around the referee wanting players books. plus couple of dirty tackles from arsenal that could have had big injury problems for city

also KDB fitness ? i know he is coming back from a injury and needs game time and minutes. but 60 mins was far to much and running the risk ? KDB is special and i understand the need to get him in the team ? but when he is cooked after 20 minutes he does nothing for the team and was just pushed into the false 9 to rest

one of the hardest games pep said after the game its never easy coming here ? well i feel pep is going easy on his mate arteta because of the links with city and he did not want to put the pressure on him getting the sack. but
the truth is pep and city could have run up a double figure score and got arteta the sack. with the levels city are at right now any other manager at arsenal would be facing the sack this morning after city running up a rugby score

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4 Jan 2021
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At The Coaches’ Voice, we work together with the greatest minds in football to provide entertaining, educational and impartial content for all football fans. We also employ a number of professional coaches to carry out tactical analysis and player scouting. Here we look at Manchester City’s victory at the Emirates Stadium, we hope you enjoy it.

Arsenal 0 Manchester City 1: Tactical Analysis - The Coaches' Voice

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28 Jun 2007
It seems that playing KDB, Gundogan and Bernardo Silva all at the same time isn't ideal.
It is not KDB fault that Gundogan had an off day inside the box with his control.
Gundogan still got in some great positions yesterday but his control was not in the same standard as the last few months.


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6 Jul 2009
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One thing I noticed yesterday was how often Dias and Stones carried the ball forward deep into Arsenal territory. Time and time again, especially in the second half. Much more so than in recent games. Normally Ferna would be the one doing this from deep. A very smart reaction to Arteta asking Saka to drop onto Cancelo and Odegaatd onto Ferna and man-mark them when we were in possession. Proper 4D chess shit to still create the spare man


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19 Oct 2010
Fernandinho was the best player on the pitch. How i wish we had a 23 year old version of him. The way he plays he could still play another couple of years i reckon and he is without doubt in my mind one of our best ever buys. Because he is surrounded with so many talented players he doesn't ever appear to get the accolades he deserves. On his day though he is one of the best at his role in the world.

As for the game, we cant be amazing every game, but we can be professional and yesterday we were ruthless defensively. Dias has had an impact way beyond what i expected and looks a steal now. He is still only young too. He is some player.

It was great to see Kev back, those minutes will do him the world of good and we are a far better team with him in it, because he offers us what very few players can. For me he is the first name on the team sheet if he is fit, everything else builds around him. For all the attributes of our midfielder's and there are many, Kev plays and it should be the job of the others to work around that.

Zincho continues to impress, he is a clever footballer. I was watching the game on Sport TV2 from Portugal and the commentator kept getting him and Kev mixed up, very funny.

The run continues, it speaks volumes when we can go to Arsenal, win 1-0. be nowhere near our best but still look very comfortable'

10 wins out the League games remaining and we are champions even if every other team wins all there games. So we probably need 8 wins from 13 games. and we will win the league. I never really expected us to be in this position.
To be honest mate Ferny still looks about 23. He's one of those blokes who is so fit he kinda shines,and now he's got runners around him,his brain does most of the work.

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