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You guys have made me understand why I dislike some of the Arsenal fans.

You guys are the best team in the world and are still trying to downplay how easy the game will be for you.

Majority of Arsenal fans think we're gonna smash you cause Arteta is the smartest man ever born. I genuinely cant take these guys who worship him.

This is surely a parody account?
Looks like both Saka and Martinelli are in Arsenal's squad today. Be interesting to see if either start.
Definitely Grealish over Doku. That could be changed later on, and Doku could exploit any tiredness really effectively. If City get anything from this, without KDB, Rodri and Stones, it would be exceptional.
Don't see too many Arsenal defenders being that tired watching Grealish running with the ball back to his own goal.
If he starts we need him having a big game. No passengers today. We were fired up for it down there last season and will need to be today.
Looks like both Saka and Martinelli are in Arsenal's squad today. Be interesting to see if they both start.

I always expected Saka to start and apparently he doesn't have to go off with the England squad after this game which I for me is wrong, if a player starts for there team prior to an international game they should be made to go to play for there international team! Look at stones been out for 2 months pep what risk him but he be off to play for England!

Anyway as long as Trossad don't start am not worried about the rest..

I could see that, except possibly Phil instead of Doku.
I can understand why Pep keeps picking Jack but it’s time he gave more attacking threat. He’s become to predictable.
Just a shame ilkea gundogan isn't playing...
Fuckin’ come on boys!

Intrigued to see what Pep has lined up for midfield, would personally love to see Lewis in there again. Energy, fight and ability to pick up spaces next to Bernie and another (Kovacic?).

Also hope we go direct with Haaland again. He took the piss in April and it should be an option we don’t ignore today like we usually do.
Gvardiol starts today surely? Not convinced Rico should start either to be honest
I’m with you there , he played really well midweek, but I think the arsewipe fans will rattle him and it’s a massive game , he’s got a big future ahead , plenty of time for him to make his mark against the Gooners!
Doku isn’t fit enough to do 90 minutes and woukd much more beneficial to bring him on with 30 minutes go against tired defenders? Foden, Grealish, Bernardo, kovacic and Haaland to start would be good and Pep must pick Josko!
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