Aston Villa (H) Post Match Thread

Sky Blue

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26 Jan 2006
Couldn't take the last 5 mins. Went into my lad's garden looked up to the sky and said "Dad don't let them equalise" ....not religious at all but my old man was and it did the trick!I

Went back in the room and expected another 2 minutes and then the whistle went. Cue mayhem!....

I'm Blue

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24 Aug 2009
The Olsen 'assault' which it wasn't has been blown out of all proportion by scouse fans and the scouse media. Fuck all happened and shame on Gerrard for highlighting it, he knew that would get him some votes from the red dipper shite. You bottled it for your beloved reds you horrible rat
Just watched the “assault” on ssn.
a fan pushed him ffs
Shouldn’t have done it but it wasn’t assault.
Then another fan running backwards caught him with his arm.
“attacked” bollocks.


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12 Sep 2005
One of those games again, to remember I was there.

A range of emotions of confident, dismay, frustration and happiness. Only at City can you have that range in such a short time line.

Inspired substitutions, Zinchenko was superb and Gundo was the missing piece with his clever runs to finish off the moves.


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10 Nov 2019
Team supported
When ever i hear that stupid song " Where were you when you were shit ? "

I always want to scream back "WE WERE HERE YOU IDIOTS",breaking crowd records in the first, and second division,selling out We have always been here.We have one of the loyalist support bases in the country.

Our fan base has been through it all.

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