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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
So let's get this right ,all the ex-Dipper pundits are pinning their hopes on a Villa team that couldnt beat Burnley at home , the same Villa team that is playing away from home to the current Premier league Champions , no wonder the bookies have Villa at 1/20 to win the game.
Could undestand the Kloppites if we had a history for bottling last day title deciders , but we have had three and won them all , you can't say the same about the Dippers though they have history for spewing the title on the last day at home......................Arsenal.
If the situation was reserved and it was the Dippers having to win their last home game there wouldnt be any talk of slip-ups , in the fact the media would be mocking up images of a Gurning Henderson kissing the trophy.
Fuck 'em if we win Sunday it will be as sweet as any of our previous title wins.


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28 Aug 2016
Wishful thinking mate. People seem think it’s their human right to invade the pitch,
When we lost to united in 17/18 I was disappointed but also relieved. A pitch invasion while united players were on the pitch would have ended very badly
Good to see some good, rational opinions, which to be fair most on here (though certainly not all) are.
Fans shouldn't run on the pitch, thankfully most of the City ones I recall (Blackburn, first 2 Premier lge wins) have seemed pretty good natured.
You just need one idiot like the one at Forest the other night


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10 Jan 2009
Dean would provide some unbelievable symmetry, but…never go back, you’re usually disappointed.

Give it to Atkinson.
Just don’t give it to Moss!

M16 citeh

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12 Sep 2021
Team supported
Hopefully there won't be anyone running onto the pitch when we win the league, just doesn't need to happen
Running onto the pitch will be the highlight of my season if we do it. And it's much deserved from a fans point of view. In the era of sanitised modern football a pitch invasion is about as good as it gets
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